Teck Highland Valley Copper

As part of Highland Valley Copper’s (HVC) overarching goal of having ten percent of the HVC workforce comprise of members from Participating Bands, the Employment and Training department was created to provide support to members seeking employment. The department collaborates with the CNA Participating Bands and HVC to increase employment and training opportunities, as well as develop strategies to increase opportunities.

Each year an Employment and Training plan is created as part of the long term planning process outlined in the Participation Agreement. Members of the Employment and Training department, HVC representatives, and Participating Bands meet to discuss the effectiveness of the plan.

HVC is always accepting entry level applications. There are three entry level positions: Mill Service Utility Person, Haul Truck Operator and Building Service Worker. The minimum qualifications are completion of Grade 12 and a valid driver’s license. HVC is also looking for tradespeople including: heavy duty mechanics, power engineers, electricians, millwrights, welders and instrumentation mechanics. Applicants for these positions are required to have a Red Seal in their trade to qualify.