Please find below information on the aptitude tests, tutoring, and study materials. 

Aptitude Tests:

The aptitude test is a 3 hour, virtual assessment, which is comprised of the following:
For candidates writing the Labourer’s test (L):

  • 40 minutes for the reading comprehension
  • 35 minutes Math Problem Solving
  • 30 minutes for mechanical reasoning
  • NEO PI (un-timed personality test)

Journeyman’s test:

  • 40 minutes for the reading comprehension
  • 35 minutes math problem solving
  • 30 minutes for mechanical reasoning
  • 25 min spatial relations
  • NEO PI (un-timed personality test)

The math portion covers percentages, volume, $, and time. Eg. If someone buys 10 items for $5, how much do they spend in total? Eg. What is the sale price if an item costs $10 originally, but is 30% off? You may use a calculator for this portion, but please not the one on your phone. Mechanical reasoning is mostly levers, gears, and how different materials heat and cool.

Test Preparation

Please have a piece of ID ready for the test, a handheld calculator, and numbers written on your paper as follows:
Reading: #s 1-50
Math: 1-40
Mechanical Reasoning: 1-60
Spatial Relations: 1-50


The Sylvan learning Centre has program instruction offered six days a week: Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM, and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Typically, Sylvan offers the aptitude test prep in reading and/or math as an 8 hour course.

They also offer a Test Taking With Confidence course, which helps students master study strategies to take tests and quizzes with confidence:

  • Manage test anxiety and use a study process
  • Apply study strategies for various subjects
  • Tackle different types of tests and item types.

Study Materials

Accuplacer Math Practice Qs.pdf

Accuplacer Reading Sample Qs.pdf