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Nlaka’pamux (NLX) Guardians strive to build stronger connections amongst our traditional territory through land-based learning and youth-elder ties.



Learn about Indigenous Guardian Programs

Although Indigenous Guardians Programs offer different roles across Canada, their core identity is to provide active stewardship to their lands and waters. Many of these programs centre on monitoring, managing, and stewarding traditional lands. After all, who else would know the terrestrial, aquatics, and habitats of the land better than the peoples who have been stewarding the land for generations? The Guardians programs offer Indigenous communities the ability to actualize their inherent rights by being the boots-on-the-ground and the eyes-and-ears to monitor, record, and display self-governance over the land.

Indigenous communities across Canada are all unique and have their own relationship to their land. While the programs that exist in Canada share core values, each program differs slightly to reflect a unique relationship the Indigenous peoples have to their land. The programs also can vary in names; they may be called Guardians, Monitors, Watchers, Watchmen, Rangers, and Observers to name a few. However, Indigenous languages are often used to reflect local cultures, traditions, and identities. Howsoever a community wants to develop their program, the Toolkit is designed to provide information on designing, developing, and implementing Guardianship work.

The Indigenous Guardians Toolkit has shared some great resources which explain more about Indigenous Guardians Programs. Click the following link to go to their website to find more information Indigenous Guardians Toolkit Website

Videos of Indigenous Guardians

Indigenous Guardians help communities manage traditional territories. They draft land use plans, study wildlife and monitor development. They also honour Elders’ knowledge and connect youth to their culture. In this short video, Indigenous Guardians talk about their work as stewards of the land. Learn more here:

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Across the country, Indigenous Guardians are working to protect and care for the lands, waters, and resources that we all depend on. Guardians are eyes, ears, and boots on the ground; trained experts who manage protected areas, restore animals and plants, test water quality, and monitor development. This work is already delivering proven results, transforming communities, and building momentum. Join the Land Needs Guardians movement to call on Canada to invest in more Indigenous Guardians! 

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