Who can apply: All registered First Nations members of the following eight Participating First Nations Bands (CNA Members):

• Ashcroft Indian Band
• Boston Bar First Nation
• Coldwater Indian Band
• Cook’s Ferry Indian Band
• Nicomen Indian Band
• Nooaitch Indian Band
• Shackan Indian Band
• Siska Indian Band

How does the program work: The CNA “We Did It” Program is a one-time cash award program designed to celebrate success and to support CNA members who have successfully received a high school diploma (or equivalent), post-secondary diploma or degree (two year minimum), and/or red seal trades certification. The CNA Bursaries are a celebration of great accomplishment and are meant to encourage further education skills

Application Requirements: 
  • Completed CNA Bursary Application Form
  • Proof of membership
  • Copy of certificate of achievement from a recognized institute, or transcripts clearly supporting successful completion (transcripts and degree must be from the same institute)
  • Cover Letter requesting the bursary

CNA Bursary Application Form

CNA Bursary Posters

Send applications to the following:

Madelynn Albert –
Employment and Training Manager


Ryleigh Campbell
Employment and Training Administration


Questions? Call (250) 378-1864





Teck is continuing as a sponsor for 10 Indspire Bursaries for Indigenous students.

Program of Study: Preference will be given to business,
engineering, specifically materials, process, mechanical,
chemical and electrical engineering, earth sciences, and
environmental studies.

Trades programs that meet the bursary criteria which
should be considered including heavy-duty mechanic,
electrician, welder, instrumentation technician.

Level of Study: Post-secondary education, technical
training or development programs.

Application Deadlines: August 1, November 1,
February 1.

Click below to learn more about the Teck indigenous Award program and to submit your application click the link below: